LSS Update for July, 2021 - Asia Trade

MC Trans
2021-06-28 10:43

Update on New Surcharge Notice (Low Sulphur Surcharge)
during the 3rd quarter, 2021

We would like to express our appreciation for the support you have extended to us and also wish you prosperity in your business. Please be

informed that LSS for during the 3rd quarter of 2021 as per below.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in advance and are willing to try our best to satisfy our valuable customers as always.

◎ Subject: Low Sulphur Surcharge (LSS)

◎ Period : 1st.Jul ~ 30th. Sep 2021

◎ Rate : Zone A - USD 45 (PER/TEU)
'               Zone B - USD 75 (PER/TEU)
             Zone C - USD 70 (PER/TEU)

Ex Viet Nam ports to Korea ports: USD 60 ( PER/TEU)

For special & reefer containers, LSS will be applied 1.5 times of dry container tariff.