Major Service

FCL, LCL cargo transportation
FCL : We provide the transportation service for dry container as well as special containers (F/R, O/T, R/F) and transport customers’ cargo quickly and accurately to destination.
LCL : We always prepare equipment and manpower for consolidating various cargo. And we transport LCL cargo through systematic consolidating work with professional experience considering operating time / distance / consolidated cargo.

Transportation service all over Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh transportation service to Da Nang / Hanoi. You can get on and off the export cargo in any part of Vietnam. Currently, we are handling services between Ho Chi Minh-after loading goods from Da Nang-Ho Chi Minh Port and have extensive experience in various inland transportation services.

Owned vehicles
We own trailer, chassis, and container for quick delivery and real-time feedback on cargo information.
Safe and fast transportation are our strength based on our long experience in dispatching. We provide efficient and economical Door to Door service by using our own vehicle.

GPS management system
With the GPS management system, you can check the real-time information of the cargo, such as the current location of the vehicle, the route, and the estimated time of arrival.
With the goal of safe and fast cargo transportation, each dispatcher manages cargo in real time from pickup to arrival.

MC TRANS Head Trailers & our drivers


  • 2nd Hand Line Import – Flat Rack Chassis (Handling on Jun. 2019)

  • Factory Movement from Japan – Flat Rack Chassis (Handling on Oct, 2020)

  • Chemical Tank Cargo : Hydrogen Peroxide (Handling from Mar. 2019 as regular cargo)

  • Bulk Cargo – Steel Plate & Steel Coil (Handling from Dec. 2020 as regular cargo)

Trucking Status

  • Check the status every month through Trucking Status
  • Average monthly handling of 800 TEU and 130 LCL


Basic chassis Max Capacity :
Twin-axis : 28,000 kgs
Tri-axis : 33,550 kgs


Flatbed Chassis Max Capacity :
Twin-axis : 29,500 kgs
Tri-axis : 32,100 kgs


Gooseneck Chassis Max Capacity :
Tri-axis : 33,600 kgs


Low Bed Chassis Max Capacity :
Tri-axis : 52,910 kgs


Flat Tack Chassis Max Capacity :
Tri-axis : 52,910 kgs